Media Documents

In the media

October 2010

The Sunday Age – "Greening the Concrete Jungle".

September 2010

Crow Talk.

August 2010

E-Crete™ is poured for a Queensland council footpath.

December 2009

Westgate Freeway Alliance. Read more.

February 2009

Town & Country Planning.


Sustainable Living Guide.

July 2008

  • Housing Magazine.
  • Building Connection.
  • Business Review Weekly.
  • BRW: Carbon Quarterly

June 24th 2008

Darebin Leader.

June 16th 2008

Drive program 774 3LO Melbourne.

June 14th 2008

"Live the Good Life: the sustainable living show" on 3WBC 94.1 fm.

June 13th 2008

E-Crete™ wins 2008 Next Big Thing Award. Read more.

June 2008

  • Contractor Magazine.
  • Construction Contractor Magazine.

May 22nd 2008

ABC Catalyst.

May 6th 2008

Hume Leader.

May 2008

  • Building Product News.
  • Materials Australia.

April 11th 2008

E-Crete™ announced as finalist in 2008 Next Big Thing Awards. Read more.

April 2008

Carbon Matters (EPA).

March 9th 2008

The Age – Made in Melbourne.

February 13th 2008

Zeobond to present at Premier European Green conference. Read more.

February 8th 2008

Channel 10 News.

January 29th 2008

New Scientist.

January 25th 2008

New scientist features article on Zeobond and E-Crete™. Read more.