Zeobond Concrete

Our partners

Zeobond is a proud member of the ResourceSmart program of Sustainability Victoria.

Zeobond is a member of the Green Building Council of Australia's Expert Review Panel for Concrete, setting the bar for what constitutes sustainable concrete in Australia.

Zeobond supports fundamental research and training of future researchers through an Australian Research Council linkage grant with The University of Melbourne.

Zeobond is undertaking a development program aimed at producing pre-cast geopolymer concrete products for the lining of tunnels and underground shafts as part of the Victorian Science Agenda Fund in a consortium with partners including Halcrow Pacific Pty Ltd, Humes and Elasto-Plastic Concrete.

In addition, Zeobond works with a number of different partners in the cement and concrete industry, including specifiers, admixture producers, research companies, consulting engineering firms, architects, designers and users to aid in the commercialisation of our technology and products.