Zeobond Concrete

Regulatory Standards

Traditionally it has only been possible to make concrete using traditional cement, called Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC). Therefore, all of the standards that are used to regulate the cement and concrete industry assume that OPC is used – that is the way it has been for 150 years – until now! The availability and use of E-Crete™ is fostered where specifiers and regulatory bodies around the world look at their cement and concrete standards and ask – 'What are we trying to achieve?' The answer is concrete that works, not concrete that must contain OPC. So what change has taken place?

Zeobond CEO, Jannie van Deventer chairs a Technical Committee at Reunion Internationale des Laboratoires et Experts des Materiaux (RILEM) formed to specifically draft standards to govern the use of products like E-Crete. Draft standards are due to be released in 2013. So what happens before then?

In collaboration with the state of Victoria road regulator, VicRoads, Zeobond has been able to prove that E-Crete™ is every part the equal to OPC-based concrete. E-Crete™ is now used in VicRoads applications including pavement and pre-cast.