E-CreteTM Precast Panels
for fire testing

Zeobond has tested the fire resistance of E-Crete™ according to the Standard Time-Temperature Curve (STTC) heating profile, which is the heating profile specified in the ISO834 Standard. A 4 x 4m panel was installed into a specially designed furnace at the Fire Engineering Facility of Victoria University of Technology in Werribee for the purpose of fire resistance testing. This test has shown E-Crete™ to perform considerably better than OPC based concrete at high temperatures. The test was turned off at 4 hours, which is the maximum period of time possible under the test protocol, where an equivalent OPC based concrete would typically fail at 2.5 hours. This makes E-Crete™ pre-cast concrete panels a very cost effective way to achieve fire ratings in pre-cast concrete construction.